Fuchsberg Electric GmbH

Core competence: manufacturer and developer for lightning and surge protective devices

Fuchsberg Electric GmbH was founded in Magdeburg in 2014. With a highly specialized team, as the internationally acting medium-sized company, Fuchsberg Electric GmbH is dedicated to unique solutions in lightning and surge protection.

High demands in the market of surge protective devices, encouraged Fuchsberg Electric GmbH to build new facilities located in Magdeburg, which would support increasing production requests and growing sales around the world.

New infrastructure includes modern office buildings and a fully automated high-end manufacturing hall with sophisticated measurement equipment systems, all of which are designed and planned for high-quality lean manufacturing of fully customized in-design product solutions.

significance and development of lightning and surge protection

what drives us

Our lives and work are characterised by rapid technical progress and the associated ever-increasing use of the latest networked devices. In addition to the dependence on electrical energy common to all these devices, they also have another thing in common. The "smarter" a device is, the finer its structures generally are and the more vulnerable they become when it comes to power consumption. If in the 90s one still disconnected the television from the power and antenna connection during a thunderstorm, today it is no longer possible to disconnect all devices that have a control function in the house or business from the respective mains. Temperature-controlled heating systems, time-controlled blinds and lighting systems, autonomously operating robots or even mowing robots as well as washing machines with timers - systems that are already state of the art and that one would no longer want to do without. All of these devices are constantly connected to the energy grid and have one thing in common: the effort and costs in case of failure are high. In addition, insurers often do not cover these costs if sufficient protection cannot be proven.


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