Surge protection for data and information technology

Secure networking

The infrastructure of Industry 4.0 is becoming even more sensitive.

With total connectivity, IT components penetrate parts of the system, which was previously reserved for robust electromechanics. In addition, they protect telecommunications systems, as well as transmit and receive systems.

MCR Technology

Measure, control and regulate safely

High-tech building facilities and automation systems are becoming indispensable parts of today´s modernized world, with an increasing demand for interference-free signal transmission of the integrated MCR modules.

Whether discussing wireless or other segments in telecommunications, or digital systems or sophisticated control equipment, all of them have common increasing functional demands, either in output performance and packaging density or in the number of electrically operated components. These electrical environments are developing in its extensiveness and complexity, which requires specialized attenuation of the electromagnetic disturbances or high-frequency interferences.

For such applications, where compact products with simple installation are required, Fuchsberg Electric GmbH developed specialized overvoltage protection in terminal blocks. These devices can avoid electrical surges and disturbances that occur in complex MCR systems, when the safe function of sensitive equipment and preventing failures is guaranteed.

The components are intended for voltages of up to 180 V with screw less connection technology and also for mounting on the 35 mm DIN rail. Besides, easy and fast replacement is guaranteed.

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