The independent, intelligent, inspection system for Lightning - and Surge Protective Devices

As a manufacturer of lightning and surge protecti on devices, it is important for us, standard-conforming execution of the lightning and surge protection notwithstanding, that a high level of protecti on is guaranteed over many years. Fuchsberg Electric GmbH has, therefore, developed the high-performance TRiPLE Box. The name stands for Independent, Intelligent, Inspection Box.

With the TRiPLE Box you can quickly and reliably monitor each lightning and surge protection system and evaluate up-to-date data. Amongst other things, not only faults but also the ageing process can be recorded, thereby enabling the timely replacement of components before a malfunction happens. Monitoring and analysis via different interfaces provide you with individual freedom of choice for where and how you analyse your data. In addition, there is a Cloud connection integrated with the MindSphere IoT platform from Siemens. Thus, it is possible to monitor worldwide the proper functioning of the surge protection system and, where necessary, to introduce timely countermeasures.

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