Professional protection for industries

The demands on industrial production are growing steadily. In international competition, maximum productivity and plant availability are indispensable. At the same time, the infrastructure is becoming increasingly sensitive in the Industry 4.0 era. With total networking, IT components are penetrating plant components that were previously reserved for robust electromechanics.

This high-tech infrastructure requires adequate protection. This requirement is already reflected in new standards, such as the updated DIN VDE 0100-443 "Protection in the event of temporary overvoltages due to atmospheric influences or switching processes", which came into force in October 2016. The Grey Series from Fuchsberg Electric GmbH fully covers these requirements both in residential construction and in the industrial environment. Starting with the combination arrester (coarse protection), via separate type 2 arresters (middle protection) and type 3 arresters (fine protection), the customer receives everything from a single source and offers the planner more freedom when designing a multi-level protection concept.

Combined arresters serve to protect against direct lightning current and are required for overhead line feed or an external lightning protection system. As the first level of protection, they are located as close as possible to the building entrance and disseive lightning surge currents of up to 100 kA, which corresponds to the highest standard-active requirement (lightning protection class I). Type 2 arresters are used as a second level of protection and reduce overvoltages to a level that corresponds to the dielectric strength of many end devices. On the other hand, as the first stage in buildings without overhead line feed or external lightning protection, they protect against overvoltages, which are triggered, for example, by switching actions in substations. Type 3 arresters are used to secure end devices and can be installed in installation boxes or mounted on DIN rails.

Protection by standards

Modern single-family and multi-family houses are increasingly developing into small, private data centers. Intelligent modules in the sub-distribution control lighting, heating and air conditioning. Private documents from tax returns to family photos are stored on PCs. Multimedia systems with media servers provide entertainment and information. Overvoltages can cause immense damage here, which cannot be prevented by traditional precautionary measures. Just a few years ago, it was enough to disconnect the TV sets and stereo systems from the grid during a thunderstorm in order to reduce the risk of damage to almost zero even in the event of a lightning strike in the immediate vicinity. Today, far lower overvoltages can practically paralyze a household and cause hardware damage of several thousand euros. In addition, there is the loss of irretrievably destroyed data.

With an Iimp of 25 kA, the type 1+type 2 combination arresters meet lightning protection class I, the highest standard-active requirement range. In addition, they do not carry any operating current, which makes them suitable for use in the pre-meter area. In this way, even widely ramified and complex industrial energy systems can be comprehensively protected.

All products are intended for mounting on the TS 35 mounting rail and are designed for nominal voltages of 230 V.

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