Professional protection for industries

Requirements in the field of industrial manufacturing are continuously increasing. With ever-growing international competitiveness, resource availability and uninterrupted operational capability represent key factors for attaining high productivity. At the same time, the industry 4.0 infrastructure is becoming increasingly sensible to lightning and overvoltage events. Due to increased total connectivity, IT-components are nowadays integrated directly within plant sections, when previously they were reserved only for robust electromechanical engineering.

These modern industrial plants are the target area of application of Fuchsberg Electric GmbH Grey Series. The latter product line portfolio includes combined Type 1+2 lightning current and surge arrestors and Type 2 arrestors that provide more space and higher degrees of freedom in the installation design of the coordinated protection concept. In comparison to the combined lightning current surge arrestors for homes (Black Series), Grey Series arrestors possess the stronger short-circuit withstanding capability (ISCCR) of up to 50 kA, instead of 25 kA. ISCCR is the maximum prospective short-circuit current of the electrical network, for which the SPD is rated in conjunction with the upstream overcurrent protective device. The short-circuit withstanding capability indicates the maximum prospective short-circuit current, at which the SPD can be adopted at the installation location. The maximum SCCR of an industrial control panel must always be equal to or greater than the fault current available from the power-carrying electrical feeders, or otherwise, a catastrophic and hazardous failure of electronic equipment can occur during a short-circuit event. For such purposes, Fuchsberg Electric has developed the Gray series with the stronger short-circuit withstanding capability (50 kA), which meets the requirements for usage in the industrial field.

With the lightning current impulse capability of 25 kA, rated for combined Type 1+2 arrestors, these products are conforming with the highest nominal level of requirements, listed for lightning protection of Type 1/Class I. Furthermore, these arrestors operate without leakage currents, and therefore are also intended for application in the pre-area of the electricity counter installation point. Accordingly, complete protection of widely ramified and complex industrial energy systems can be achieved. All products are intended for installation on the 35 mm DIN rail and for the nominal voltage of 230 V AC.

Protection by standards

Nowadays, there is an increasing tendency of modern single and multi-family homes to develop their own small private in-house data centers. Intelligent sub-distribution modules control lighting, heating and air conditioning systems. Private documents, from tax declaration to family photographs, are saved on personal computers. The server along with integrated multimedia systems provides entertainment and information. Electrical surges can cause severe damages, which cannot be averted by taking traditional preventive measures. Only a few years ago, it was sufficient to disconnect the television and audio devices from the mains, during a thunderstorm to minimalize the damage risk of a lightning strike in the immediate vicinity. Today, far lower electrical surges can virtually paralyze households and cause hardware damage worth thousands of euros and the loss of valuable data.

Especially for home application, Fuchsberg Electric GmbH developed the Black Series product line that consists of high-quality components suitable for industrial applications. However, they are also adjusted according to standards, requirements and installation conditions of private housing. The “Black Series” product line contains the combined lightning current and surge protective devices of Type 1+2 classification and Type 2 arrestors. Especially the latter protects against electrical surges due to transients or other overvoltage events. The combined lightning current and surge arrestors protect against lightning currents and electrical surges and can replace separate Type 1 and 2 products. With a lightning impulse current capacity of 25 kA, the arrestors conform to the highest range of requirements for lightning protection class I. Furthermore, the arrestors operate without leakage currents, and are therefore suitable for their integration in the pre-area of the electric counter installation point.

All products are designed for installation on the 35 mm DIN rail and for the nominal voltage of 230 V AC.

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